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Charlie Mike Life is a way of overcoming The Suck. That Charlie Mike Life is like no other mindset. It helps you become that accomplished warrior again! The most successful people use it most of the time without realizing that it has become so second nature to them, It’s become automatic. Be that success that again!

Most of our staff and board members are made up of Veterans and they coach as well. We know the transition issues first hand! We have coaches from all over this rock. These coaching professionals are doing it mostly for two reasons. The wisdom they learn from each of you is priceless and they just want to show their appreciation for making this world a safer place. Let us help you get successful again in the civilian world

We bring the worlds leading coaches, career professionals and mentors to the people who need it most. Our nation's men and women that make up our military. Everything we do is cost-free for these amazing warriors. We are able to provide these services from donations to Charlie Mike Life, recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization. 

The mission of Charlie  Mike Life is not to be a Medical Mental Health Service Provider. Our services are not meant to be a substitute for any medical or psychological treatment.  Be sure to speak with your physician or therapist before changing your current treatment plan. If a  coach believes you are in need of psychological or medical advice, the coaching will stop immediately and the Veteran or family member will be referred to an outside professional mental health provider. Our coaches or staff may be able to provide some resources for medical services to you.   

Why We Do It


Our Veterans come from every walk of life imaginable. With many different colors and personalities, faiths, genders and sexuality . 

They are the core of America.

  That 3% of our country’s population who chose to serve. Sent to the most dangerous places on earth, often they are often sent, to pick up the pieces of a failed state and rescue its people from starvation and violence. Disaster relief all around the globe, 24/7 365.

They give their lives selflessly to protect others, most of the time to strangers of our way of life and to our own beliefs! 

Far more than just a killing machine that they are often misinterpreted as. They hold all life precious and will give their our own to protect you and yours. 

Often left on their own to navigate a much different world than when they left and chose to serve our nation. They have many skills and qualities you rarely find in civilians. 

People from all over the world have come together and volunteered to assist these amazing warriors. From coaching in many different niches to career guidance from the top people of their industry. We will forever have their Six!

charlie Mike life's Mission Statement

The mission of Charlie Mike Life is to provide Life Coaching as well as Career Assistance and Mentors to Veterans and Gold and Silver Star Spouses. This is at no cost to them whatsoever.  The Veteran's and their well being will always come first. We've Got Their Six!

Charlie  Mike Life is dedicated to those Veterans along with  Gold and Silver Star family members who feel they could utilize our services. These understanding and empathetic coaches want to give back, for no other reason than to thank you for your sacrifice of so much already. 

 Charlie Mike Life will facilitate the valuable insight and experience a Coach, Career Specialist or Mentor can bring the Veteran. These are some of the most talented people in the coaching and business world.  We will help the Veteran identify and understand the challenges to overcome. We want to help them build that confidence back in themselves. To help them secure rewarding and gainful employment and then achieve their goals. 


charlie mike life

A 501 (c)(3) Organization

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We understand that every Veteran's and family situation is different. Bring your issues to us and we will work with you to conquer them. You are never alone with Charlie Mike Life!


Charlie Mike Life A 501 (c)(3) Organization


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