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From Coaching to Connecting you to services, CML has your six.


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For our Silver and Gold Star families, we've got you too.


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Charlie Mike Life offers opportunities for you to help out veterans in need. Whatever your specialty, we have a place for you in the CML family


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Charlie Mike Life is a non-profit (501)(c) that relies exclusively on the donations of generous people like you! 100% of every donation, no matter how big or small, goes to help a veteran in need. Thank you for supporting our mission!


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Todd Raby

In January of 2020, I was dealt a pretty rough situation. My wife of almost 26 years had told me that we had grown apart and she didn't see any reconciliation. I was devastated. As a veteran of Desert Storm I know that most vets are a good source to reach out to. I reached out to a Facebook group and simply said I needed help. I had lots of comments of support and some advice. Amongst those responding to me was a guy named Chandler. He made a comment or two then he made an offer. I had unknowingly been in contact with the founder of a non-profit that offers help for struggling veterans trying to transition to civilian life. My situation didn't exactly fit his normal customer but he offered to give me 8 1 hour sessions of life coaching! Just because I'm a veteran! We don't always exactly stay on topic, but it is great having someone to talk to. Chandler offers for me to call him anytime I need or want to talk. Being in the military automatically makes us brothers - any branch, any war or conflict, we are connected. They have been a great resource of someone to talk to who understands me. If you are having an issue, fill out the form on their website. They are always there to help.

Karen York

I'm happy to find this page. As a mother of two veterans, one who is still serving, it's always nice to find someone who supports veterans AND their families! Also, and ESPECIALLY our Gold and Silver Star families.

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