Charlie Mike Life Mission

The mission of Charlie Mike Life is to provide Coaching, Camaraderie and a Connection for Veterans of our nation’s military service along with Gold and Silver Star Spouses free of charge!

A change from the tribal-like culture of the American Military to one of more solitude in nature is a major adjustment for someone to go through. This is on top of issues such as PTSD. Dealing with what sometimes can be a more emotional experience in problem-solving versus logical responses learned from the military is a skill set that our veterans often need help with. With Coaching, Camaraderie and Connection, there is no limit to the greatness these amazing warriors of our country can do again.

Charlie Mike in military terms means “Continuing Mission”. By coaching our Veterans and Gold and Silver Star Spouses, offering that tribe culture of camaraderie, and by connecting them to the resources they need, we can bring back that “Charlie Mike” attitude once more and turn it into a lifestyle!

Many of our country’s amazing Veterans signed up and volunteered to serve during wartime. This alone is something to be admired and commended for! These men and women deserve all the assistance we can give them. Charlie Mike Life is here to make that happen!